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sunshine Cambodia Organization



we address the need of

1.      Education (for children):  ensuring that children have access to quality education. SCO will facilitate child participation in school From Grade 1 to Grade 9, with possibility and considering (case by case) to extend upward to high school and to university level. The rationale for support through Gr. 9 completion is that this is the minimum certification required for participation in formal TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) program in Cambodia.

2.      Life skills (for children):  providing extra-curricular Club activities in which children and youth can get to know their peers, develop soft skills such as communication, learn new things like child rights and cooperation, and so forth.

3.      Employment (for adults):  linking adults with appropriate training and necessary start-up resources. 

4.      Income generation for families:  providing necessary start-up resources & support.

Sunshine Cambodia Organization

We will focus our work on

1.      The poor; marginalized.

2.      We have a family focus:  we do not separate children from their families and we recognize that helping children requires helping their parents to have meaningful work and that helping parents requires providing direct assistance to their children for education and skills training.

3.      Children (girls and boys; with preference given to girls who have more challenges to confront than do boys in getting an education and deciding their future

We will work with / through

1.      Legal duty bearers (community authorities, teachers, school directors, appropriate government actors).

2.      Moral duty bearers (e.g. religious leaders, churches).

3.      Other organizations, in collaboration and not competition.

4.      As much as we can we will not re-create materials or systems but we will learn about the good work of other organizations and we will utilize their materials and approaches which have been shown to be effective. 

our approach



     We are compassionate:  we care for the poor and marginalised.



     We are holistic:  we address people and issues holistically.



     We create opportunities:  knowing  that  we cannot force anyone to
change, we recognise our role as creating opportunities and providing key inputs
which can foster good decision-making.



      We are community-focused:  we work at individual level and community level.



      We are empowering:  we give a hand-up (through training and enabling) and not a harmful hand-out.



     We aim toward sustainable solutions: we strive to make our clients independent of
SCO and able to provide for themselves, and even to reach out to help others
around them when they have achieved a stable income and life.



    We are advocates:  We work to motivate and to enable duty-bearers (legal and moral) to fulfill their obligations for the people that we serve.


we are part of the family. all the way through.

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